Kaizen changes

Over the next few weeks, we plan to triple the number of nodes available to Kaizen.  A special thanks to our MOC partner Two Sigma for the donation of systems!
The hardware is in place and wired up at the MGHPCC, and we have made changes to our network fabric to remove single points of failure. 
Final testing of the automated deployment system will occur over the next few weeks.
For the most part, we plan to keep this as transparent for MOC users as possible.  Three items warrant special attention:

1. http://kaizen.massopen.cloud will be moving to http://kaizenold.massopen.cloud to free the URL to redeploy on.  This change should be transparent for about a week to give people time to update bookmarks. Once the two environments are running, we will send out an email explaining how to migrate your projects and data and the deadline for completion.

2. If you are using an API other than Horizon you will need to change the URL after the change has been made Fri Oct 5 6-7pm. Some service interruptions are possible during the URL change.

3. We need to reassign some floating IPs for use with the new environment.  If you are using floating ips within please release those and allocate new ones (new ip allocations will be in a different range). We will be sending both specific and general emails about releasing and reclaiming floating IPs. 

Some more details:  We will send an updated version of this email once the testing is almost complete with dates that the transition will start and instructions.
We will also send an email when the transition is complete.
If you have any questions, please use the customer support ticketing system at https://osticket.massopen.cloud/index.php.


Please update your bookmarks to https://kaizenold.massopen.cloud